🐬What is Super Dolphin?

In nature we all know that dolphins are one of the most intelligent and friendly creatures in the ocean, but their survival is very fragile. Marine pollution, overfishing and interference from human activities have led to a steady decline in dolphin populations.

For this reason, Super Dolphin has decided to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to do something to help protect dolphins and other animals.

Super Dolphin will use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to carry out charitable causes and appeal to people to protect animals and the marine ecosystem.

At the start of the project, Super Dolphin received a lead investment from Blockchain Capital, an American investment house.

This investment house is a well-known investor in the blockchain sector and their support and investment has laid a solid foundation for Super Dolphin's development.

Super Dolphin's offering is based on BSC Chain, which allows for higher transaction speeds and lower transaction fees.

In the future, Super Dolphin will build NFT pledge mining, liquidity mining, NFT shop, NFT trading platform and other functions to build an integrated aggregation platform and provide more services and experiences for users. A charity foundation will also be set up and a portion of the project's proceeds will be transferred to the foundation so that it can be donated to the Marine Animal Protection Centre and contribute to the marine environment!

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